Cookie Sale goes
on Hiatus for 2023

Dear Friend of The Cookie Sale,

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that we will not be doing The Cookie Sale for 2023. With the gangs that have taken over control in Haiti, our partners, Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach, haven’t been able to get food aid into Haiti. There are no elected officials in office, no government services and police stations are empty because the police officers haven’t been paid in months. If our partners can ship in food, as containers of aid and food leave the port, they are promptly hijacked by gangs. The contents of those containers are used by the gangs to gain control over the people of Haiti. Schools are closed so we can’t do school feeding programs, which we feel is the hallmark of our Cookie Sale.The last shipment of food that The Cookie Sale funded was sent to St. Joseph School and was hijacked on September 16, 2022. The result was that thousands of children that benefited from our feeding program went hungry.

Our Problem

The unfortunate paradox is that the poorest of the poor in Haiti need us more than ever and we are absolutely unable to help. Our position, from the sources that we have, is that anything we ship to Haiti will be hijacked by gangs and used as a weapon. Since there is no police or security, putting people in Haiti to help would border on insanity as murders and kidnappings have skyrocketed beyond imagination. According to the UN, in the last half of 2022, there have been 260 murders in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Cite Soleil alone.

We are working with our partners who are trying to find other areas and means to get the food into Haiti, but at this time it’s risky for them and the people trying to transport it to those in need.

We want to honor your loyalty by being as transparent as possible and we want to be good stewards of the funds we have received. As a legal non-profit entity, we believe we have 3 obligations: 1. The poorest of the poor in Haiti, 2. Combating world hunger and 3. Our organizations that sold the cookie trays. 

We hope and pray that we can do The Cookie Sale in 2024 but until the gangs are under control we need to suspend it.

Please join with us in prayer for peace in Haiti, the Holy Land, Ukraine, and the entire world.

Thank you for your past support,

Jen Weber Signature

Jennifer Weber

Our Mission

It is the mission of The Cookie Sale to Combat World Hunger to:

Raise as much money as possible.
Buy as much nutrition as possible.
Feed as many people as possible through the sale of cookie trays that are sold just before Christmas.
Wherever possible, use our proceeds to break the cycle of poverty through education and employment.
Do the will of God.

How It All Began

In 1997, Jim and Jen Weber wanted to start a project that would motivate their Sunday school class at St. Joseph's Parish... More

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Why Your Church Should Participate:

2021 Cookie Sale Helped Feed 2.2 Million

Last year's Cookie Sale raised enough money to help Cross Catholic Outreach (, Cross International ( and Blessings of Hope ( feed more than 2.2 million people. Since we are selling cookie trays this year, our goal is to feed over 4.2 million people! 100% of the proceeds from the Annual Cookie Sale goes to Cross lnternational/Cross Catholic Outreach's Hunger Relief Program in Haiti & to Blessings of Hope's U.S. feeding programs!

How You Can Help

We are looking for churches, youth groups, businesses, or organizations... More

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For more information on The Cookie Sale or to find out how you can take part, click here or call 1-866-COOKIE-9 (1-866-266-5439).

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