Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach?

Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach are organizations dedicated to feeding starving people and helping those in need around the world. Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach are efficient with an amazing 97.3% of all the money raised from the unsale going directly to the starving people of Haiti. Last year's unsale helped feed more than 2.4 million people in need in Haiti. This year's goal is 4.2 million in spite of the rising food costs. For more information on Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach, check out their websites &

2. How much money from The Cookie Sale goes to Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach?

Absolutely 100% of the proceeds from The Cookie Sale go to Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach. Less than 3% of the proceeds will be used by Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach for administrative costs.

3. What about local administrative costs?

There are no local administrative costs. Amazingly, the cost of printing the order forms, hall rental, trucking, printing the thank you cards, all labor, meeting space, radio air time on WJTL, artwork, and even the candy and cookies for the gift trays are all donated. There are no salaries and the groups selling these cookies do not benefit in any way. That is why the purchase of 1 cookie tray provides hunger relief for 270 people.

4. What are the dates of this event?

Online sales start Sunday, November 28, 2021 and end Thursday, December 2, 2021. They will be available for pick-up at The Cookie Sale offices the week of December 13. All orders that are to be shipped will go out the week of December 6, 2021.

Cookie trays will be delivered to all participating churches late in the week of December 6, 2021 for The Cookie Sale which takes place on December 12, 2021.

5. Can my church get involved?

Yes!!! We are always eager to have more churches, businesses or organizations join the effort. If you are interested in being part of The Cookie Sale, call 1-866-COOKIE-9 or 717-509-7399, or e-mail

6. What are the items I am selling?

Chocolate chip, peanut butter and snickerdoodle cookies. They are available as a gift tray with 8 of each type of cookie on it. The gift trays come beautifully decorated with chocolates. All cookie gift trays include a card that explains The Cookie Sale.

7. Do you want me to buy or sell the cookies?

First and foremost, we want you to SELL the cookies. That is how we can best raise the money we need to help Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach feed starving people in Haiti. Of course, if you want to buy some too, that is also appreciated.

8. Are there any selling tips?

Because it’s a great cause, these cookies are easy to sell. Probably the best way to sell them is to take the form to work or social activities and simply ask. You don’t need to be pushy; we find that the cookies and the cause sell themselves. Best of all, the sales period is only two weeks long. It's simple... THE MORE YOU ASK, THE MORE YOU WILL SELL.

9. Can these cookie trays be used as Christmas gifts?

Yes!! Our gift trays make excellent gifts for everyone. Businesses like to give them to clients, employees and customers. In fact, we have had companies order as many as 150 gift trays – the proceeds of which would feed 40,500 starving people in Haiti.

10. Can we personalize a gift tray for our business?

Yes. We will gladly include promotional items (mugs, etc.) or customize your business’ gift tray to suit your specific need. We prefer a minimum order of 25 gift trays to perform this service. When considering items to include, please consider size--remember there needs to be enough room on the trays for the cookies. We recommend calling for approval before you order.

11. How can I get my organization started?

Click on the "Help Sell" button on the home page, then click on the "Register to Help Sell" button, fill out your information, and then click the "Register" button. If you need help, please call 1-866-COOKIE-9.

12. When will I get my order?

Cookie trays will be delivered to your church, group or business late in the week of December 6, 2021. Churches will be able to distribute the trays for The Cookie Sale the weekend of December 11, 2021.

13. Can individuals participate?

Yes!! The more the merrier! Please click on the "Help Sell" or "Help Package" buttons and register as an individual.

14. When is the last day of the sale?

Online orders should be made by Thursday, December 2, 2021. Business orders with items to include are due by November 29, 2021.

15. How do I help package the cookies?

Click on the "Help Package" button, fill out the form and submit.

16. When do I turn in the money? (For Churches)

You will receive a self-addressed envelope when the trays are delivered to you. Please include all the money that you collect during the sale and mail the self addressed envelope after the sale (no cash). For ease in tracking, please turn in all of your money that is due at one time. Please make sure that all checks are made payable to: The Cookie Sale.

17. How do I pay?

If a group is selling, pay the group leader. Individuals or group leaders should send checks or money orders only (no cash) to: The Cookie Sale, 533 Janet Avenue, Suite #101, Lancaster, PA 17601. Please make checks payable to: The Cookie Sale.

Alternatively, you can pay by Clicking Here.

18. Who do I make the check out to?

Make all checks payable to: The Cookie Sale.