Cookie Sale Presentation Guide

Use This Script As A Guide!

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Intro Of Person And Mission

Hello, I am _____________ and I am here to speak to you about The Cookie Sale to Combat World Hunger. The Cookie Sale is celebrating its 22nd year. In that time, The Cookie Sale has provided 25 million meals for starving people; many of which are kids that are in school feeding programs where our food guarantees great attendance rates because it is often the only meal they will receive that day. Kids learn and get fed and that helps break the cycle of poverty. The good news is that world poverty has been declining over the past several years. According to the World Bank, the average number of people living in extreme poverty has declined by 47 million every year since 1990.

The Pitch

In 22 years, The Cookie Sale has sold upwards of 68 tons of cookie trays. That’s right… 68 tons of cookies! In looking at the reason why people buy the cookie trays, we’ve discovered that people buy them for 3 reasons:

The 1st reason is that Christian people care. Since The Cookie Sale can feed someone for $.04 and all expenses are paid by our corporate partners, each $15 cookie tray feeds 375 people. Do the math… 4 cents divided into 15 dollars equals 375 people fed. That’s a lot of food for one cookie tray!

The 2nd reason The Cookie Sale has sold 68 tons of cookies is that the cookie trays offer a great value! People take them to parties as a hostess gift. The cookie trays are definitely a better and worthwhile gift than another candle. The cookies are also great corporate gifts for clients and employees. People really like these trays!

And the 3rd reason is that the cookie trays look festive and taste delicious. Each tray offers 3 different varieties of cookies for a total of 24 cookies. The trays also include an assortment of Hershey’s candies and are wrapped in a festive cellophane and tied with a bow.

You get all of this for a great price! I think you should buy a tray or even a couple trays as you leave church today. You could do some serious good for the children in need.

Easy Financing - This Is Very Important - Don't Skip

If you don’t have any money, don’t worry about it. There is easy financing! That’s right… Easy Credit Terms. Just take the trays you want and we will give you an envelope with a card… fill out the card with your information today, leave it with us and then send us a check in the envelope at your earliest convenience and starving kids get fed. It’s that easy. Nobody will be denied credit!

Have Fun

If you don’t buy them today, I will be back in April selling Easter Cookie trays. And for you folks who are on diets, we want you to buy them, eating them or not eating them is up to you…


We are also taking donations because the best nation in the world is a donation. It’s the kindness of people like you that has built this mission… We get more and more donations every year.

Call To Action

Please stop by the table in the lobby and take a look. Consider picking up a cookie tray or 2. Thanks for your time. God Bless you and I’ll see you at the table!