Where The Proceeds Go

Absolutely 100% of the proceeds from The Cookie Sale goes to Cross International which is an organization dedicated to feeding starving people and helping those in need around the world. Cross International is efficient with an amazing 97.3% of all the money raised from the sale going directly to the starving people of Haiti and Nicaragua. The life-sustaining meals are often distributed at school feeding programs so the children receive an education which in turn helps them break the cycle of poverty.

In order to make this year’s goal a reality, we need your help! We need businesses, churches, youth groups and organizations to help this year’s effort by selling, buying or packaging cookies. Together we can make a difference

The following is a small sample of the places and people that will forever bear the gracious evidence of our Cookie Sale participants.

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done." ~ Proverbs 19:17

Togetherness in Christ Orphanage - Haiti

  • TIC Orphanage is home to 90 orphaned and vulnerable Haitian children who would otherwise have nowhere to live.
  • Many of the children come sick and severely malnourished, often straight from the brutal streets and require frequent, nutritious meals every single day.

School of the Good Sower - Haiti

  • Provides an elementary education for orphans and poor children from the surrounding Port-Au-Prince area.
  • These children can’t concentrate and learn, much less thrive, if they are hungry…and they all come to school hungry!
  • Provides a daily hot meal to about 200 boys and girls.
  • This also serves as incentive for parents to make sure their children go to school every day.

Hand in Hand Program - Haiti

  • Hurricane Jeanne slammed into the northwest coast of Haiti in 2004, and devastated the lives of hundreds of Haitians.
  • In response to a plea for help, Cross International immediately sent food and emergency supplies to these children and other families devastated by the storm.
  • Cross helps feed almost 170 hungry, orphaned children every day with your help.

El Shaddai Ministry - Haiti

  • El Shaddai touches thousands of lives in Haiti in a number of ways such as: Three elementary schools in Delforce, Picot and Dalvage; an orphanage for 110 boys and girls, a small medical clinic; and sewing classes to provide needy women with a marketable skill.
  • Your gifts help Cross support El Shaddai’s school feeding program, providing one hot, nutritious meal every day for over 500 hungry students.